SMM-promotion in social networks

A set of works in social networks aimed at increasing the popularity of a brand, product or service, ensuring audience loyalty and business KPI growth.



  • Facebook instantiation and maintenance of a group in VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Instagram

  • Instagram Facebook, Odnoklassniki, targeted advertising, promotion of advertising campaigns and work with bloggers and opinion leaders on VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki and Instagram


  • Promotion and maintenance of the channel and videos on "YouTube"


We do

Comprehensive promotion of the company, product and services

We are forming an individual promotion strategy in social networks that will solve the tasks set: the sale of goods or services, the growth of a loyal audience in communities, and so on.

Personal Manager

Each client is assigned a personal manager who will offer the most favorable terms of cooperation

Cost of CMM services

We offer a minimum commission for all types of work that will ensure a high level of quality of the services themselves.

Monthly report

At the end of the advertising period, a report is generated that reflects the expenditure of funds through all channels and the indicators achieved during the month

Video feedback


Head of the company "Bordak boardshop"


Marketing Director of the company "CoralsaNails"


Head of the Pantheon Company


Marketing Director of the company "Optsale"

Our clients

Frequently Asked Questions

How to order the creation of a brand? Contact us for more detailed consultation and discussion of project tasks

What does the corporate identity of the company include?

The corporate identity of the company is a complex of various conceptual solutions related to each other by one task – to popularize a particular brand, to make it more recognizable among potential customers of goods and services. Corporate identity is not only the company's logo, but also the style of using color and font solutions, the design of advertising products that should help increase brand awareness.

Is there any variability in the marketing concepts we have proposed?

Yes, we are forming several models, testing them in the mode of full-fledged operation of the site. We provide all the information about each concept, and after familiarizing yourself with their functionality, you decide which one to keep on a permanent basis.

What can I do myself to increase brand awareness?

If your company already has a ready-made marketing concept, its promotion will be effective through social networks. In the last few years, this method has become a truly effective tool for increasing brand awareness. In turn, our company is engaged in registration of company accounts in order to comply with corporate design.

How will the payment for the order take place?

After approving all the terms of the project and signing the contract, you will need to make an advance payment of 50% of the total amount. The rest is paid upon completion of the project.

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